They went all out! I was amazed at the preparation they put into it & really it wasn’t that different then weddings back home. It started in the late afternoon (I’ve given up keeping track of the time… I just wait for the music to start for church or the kids to tell me I’m late for something) and the flower girls led the wedding party down the isle. After a few songs & some words from Pastor Luc the new couple had their “first” kiss and we headed upstairs for a reception. I can’t describe the food, you’ll have to check out the pictures below. They spent days preparing the food & fattening up the goats. The chef who prepared the food is also my new teacher. I had a great time but I was blown away with the effort they put into this wedding. I asked Pastor Luc after if all weddings are like this & he said no… Jay Michel pulled out all the stops this time.

Sorry these photos are out of order… the internet connection is really slow & it won’t let me rearrange them!