The rains started yesterday and this morning the winds picked up. Every time I check the status on the internet it changes between a hurricane & a tropical storm… either way… it’s looks like Hurricane Tomas really is on it’s way. The Ministry of Education sent out a request this morning to close all schools until further notice.

Here’s a helpful website to track it:

Pastor Luc and his church are hosting a convention later this month (Nov 17-21) and they are expecting 3000+ people to come to Heart to Heart Valley from across Haiti and the US. They have been anticipating this event for years and have started the preparation in the yard.

The yard is being cleaned, water tanks included, by the kids:

A temporary structure is being built which will cover the entire school yard:

A stage and sound booth are in the works:

The structures are being covered by sheets made of coconut palms:

As you already know, our compound was hit hard by the earthquake on January 12 and we are still in the process of cleaning up and rebuilding. This event alone would cause most Pastors to cancel a convention of this size but Pastor Luc and his congregation are determined not to let anything slow them down. Help us pray that the effects of the cholera outbreak (which hasn’t hit us here yet) and hurricane Tomas will be minimal – for the sake of Pastor’s Luc’s convention and more importantly, for those who are so vulnerable in the tent cities and shacks.