day #6 = shower #2

Besides a nasty cold & touch of “Haitian Happiness” things are going great!! There was very little culture shock this time & I’m already feeling right at home.

I have a work schedule from 8am – 5pm each day and I spent my evenings putting the toddlers to bed (bathing, stories, te bos, etc), chatting with the nannys or playing cards with the other volunteers. It’s an exhausting day but I’m amazed with the changes I see in kids everyday, especially the 4 babies I work with in the afternoons. One of my little ones, Merline, had infected sores behind both ears when I started working with her (last Friday) and today one ear was completely dried up & the other one has closed over. It’s not as smooth with all the babies… Matthew is my challenge… I can’t pick him up without him screaming. The first day he crawled under his bed & one of the Nannys had to get him for me. I thought it was getting better but today we took a few steps backwards…. and it resulted in me justifying my second shower of the trip :)

The Creole is coming along but it’s tough. With a little body language I can usually get my point across but understanding them is a different story. The kids love helping me & some of the Nannys want to learn English so we chat in the evenings. We’re actually starting knitting lessons tomorrow night!

Here are pics of some of the kids. I’ll try to get some of the neighborhood this weekend. I’m still a bit shy walking around by myself but I’ll try to drag someone with me on Sunday.

Reb w/ Marmiola & Thamar:

Ronaldo has this picture by his bed & gives her te bo’s every night:

Ronaldo learning to play hockey… thanks for sticks Brendon!

Marmiola with Courtney’s favorite doll :)

Reb & Wencia – she’s one of my toddlers & she still very shy:

Wisline’s bath time on the balcony:

This is Djoulyson with a headband we made together… thanks for the knitting cirlce thing Andrea, the Nanny’s love it too!

This one is just too cute not to include:

This one too :)