Don’t you just love falling in love? I do & I’m lucky enough to be in it right now!!! When I see him I can’t help but smile. Who is he you ask? His name is Eliyou and he’s perfect! He’s funny. He’s helpful. He’s cute. He’s 5 years old :)

He came to live at H2H last summer, while I was in Canada, with his older brother Donimi. They lived in a neighboring village, Leogane, and came here because their mom was sick with a persistent fever & their father couldn’t look after them alone. I fell in love with both of them immediately but bonded strongly with Eliyou because he needed me so much. Every night Eliyou & I would pray for his mom together & we visited her in the hospital. He was cheerful most of the time but sometimes got sad in the evenings & insisted on sleeping with me. When she passed away we were all heart broken, especially Eliyou. I took him & Donimi to her funeral & did my best while Eliyou peppered me with questions; Where is she? When will I see her again? Did I not pray enough? He made me stand by her gravesite until they had completely covered it with cement. Nothing in my life could have prepared me for that day & I hope there will be few like it.

In the days that followed the funeral, Eliyou was told by the other kids that one of the older girls in the orphanage would be his new mom. He defiantly refused & said he’d already chosen me. I heard through the grapevine about his decision so I was prepared for the shy question later that day, “Will you be my mom now?”

It wasn’t long after his mom passed away that I got sick with malaria/typhoid. Eliyou was in my room as much as the powers that be would let him & I could see that he was nervous when my fevers came. I was resting alone in my room after a particularly bad fever had passed & I heard something under my bed… it was Eliyou. He was hiding there. He slithered out, laid beside me & said he wouldn’t pray for me because he had prayed for his mom. Tears rolled down my face but luckily I was covered in sweat so he didn’t seem to notice.

Unfortunately, death is such a large part of life here that most of the kids (if not all) have been affected by it & they seem to take it in stride… much better than I am able to. Eliyou and Donimi are both happy, energetic boys and they have made a new family here & are very popular with the other kids. They love going to school and eagerly do their homework and chores when they get home. Eliyou is a bit on the mischievous side and often asks; “what will happen…?” Last night he swallowed a marble. He swore he didn’t do it on purpose but I have my doubts. We still have our fingers crossed that it will pass naturally!

I am looking for sponsors for Eliyou & Donimi, as well as some other new kids; Lovesom & Abjas. If you are interested in sponsoring a child at H2H email me & I will send you more information.

Eliyou & his new sandals:

Bath time:

Eliyou checking up on me:

By the way, I am feeling much better! I still get tired easily but long gone are the fevers & other symptoms. I plan to go home for Christmas & I’m really looking forward to the R&R and home cooking :)