I’m very behind on my blogging (stay tuned for more updates on H2H!) but I wanted to let you know that Renel & I arrived in Canada on July 16th – we’re staying at my parents house in Crescent Beach, BC and are planning to be here until mid September. So far we’ve been staying close to home… trying to get caught up on sleep and introducing Renel to my family.

Renel & I have been going to ‘boot camp’ every morning with my sister & sister-in-law and I started working at the Wired Monk coffee shop already. It’s really great to be home, especially with Renel. This is his first time out of Haiti so it’s fun seeing Canada through his eyes. He likes everything so far except ‘rare’ steak and the hot tub. Why are we doing this? I feel like I’m being cooked! Those were just a few of his comments while we stood in the steaming pool :)

My extended family has been introducing him to their favorite ‘Canadian food’… so far he’s added slurpees and ketchup chips to his diet! We’d love to see as many of you as possible while we’re here so please email me & come down to Crescent Beach for a walk & ice cream!

I’ve also been busy doing followup interviews – here’s an article that just came out in the TriCity Newspaper: