On one hand; rice & beans everyday – on the other hand; the kids I love… hmmm…

Decision time has come & gone and I’m going back to Haiti with a suitcase full of Wendy’s mandarin-chicken salads!!!!

So, here’s the general plan…

– laser eye surgery today
– fundraising completed as I lay in bed recovering
– 5 weeks of intense physical & mental training
– back to Haiti in late August

Believable? Well, most of it is true… I am getting laser eye surgery this afternoon, I’m doing bootcamp 5 days/week all summer long, I am taking cake decorating classes with my grandma and I just met with H2H last night & agreed to go back to Haiti indefinitely!!

So that leaves the fundraising… I need to build a monthly support base that will cover my expenses while living in Haiti. I’ve always struggled with the idea of asking friends & family to support my “Haiti addiction” so I’ve decided I’m not going to. What I’m looking for is people who believe in H2H’s mission statement & want to be involved in accomplishing it.

H2H’s mission statement:
“To minister the love of Jesus in Haiti, meeting the educational, physical, medical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children and their families in such a way that they become empowered to reach their full potential and to live healthy, happy, productive lives as capable Christian family, church and community members.”

Not everyone can support a child financially, be a team member or relocate to Haiti. But some of you can & some of you want to. Over this past year in Haiti I have interacted with so many people who are personally involved in affecting the life of a child in Haiti… many of whom have never been to Haiti! Anyone who wants to be involved, can be involved, you just have to find your place. I don’t want to ask people to support me financially, I want to ask you to get involved. If you’ve been following this blog all year, what draws you to it? It certainly isn’t because I’m a good writer… I have report cards to prove that! I’ll take a stab in the dark & guess that it’s because something has inspired you. Don’t just sit back & be content with letting other people inspire you – get involved. If you’re inspired by a kid – support him! If you’re inspired by what teams are doing in Haiti – join a team! If you’re inspired by what I’m doing – support me! Whatever your place is, find it! And don’t think this is all about money. Yes, money is required to do what H2H does but it’s so much more than that. It’s about the people – it’s about the kids who lived in a mud hut before coming to H2H; it’s about the “kids” who lived in H2H who are now teaching at H2H; it’s about the man with Parkinson’s disease who was treated by a medical team & can now feed & dress himself again! And it’s not just about the people in Haiti, it’s about the people in Canada too – it’s about the business men who plan their career around their mission trips to Haiti, it’s about the sponsors who have met their sponsor child, it’s about the 3 year old who has shared her aunt Bob (yup, that’s me!) with another country. Ok, I’ve rambled a lot & gotten off the topic of fundraising…give me a break… I’m a few hours away from getting my eyes balls reshaped by a laser beam! But really, what I’m trying to encourage you to do is stretch yourself a bit – find something that stirs your passion & do it! If you’ve already done it – do it again!

So, if what I’m doing inspires you & you want to be involved I’d really appreciate your monthly support because I can’t continue to do it without your help. Your donations will be made through H2H (www.hearttohearthaiti.com) and tax receipts will be issued at the end of the year. Email me if you want more details or have any questions.