I’m heading home on July 15th to spend a few months with my family so I’m homeward bound…with 10 days to go :)

This last month has been a busy one!!

John Neufeld (President of H2H) and Sam Edworthy (H2H Boardmember) came to Haiti last month with 2 Doctors, 1 Dentist and team of medical/dental students from UBC. Despite having a rocky start (their flight was canceled which meant they came to Haiti 2 days later than anticipated), they had a packed week! They had clinics in Grande Goave (seeing all of the kids in the home as well as ~300 community members) and then headed north to do clinics in Grande Savande & Bouva. I’m sorry to admit this… I don’t have any pictures of the clinics to share with you!! Think I’m becoming lazy?? No – I promise it’s not that!! They had me working so hard that I didn’t have a chance to get my camera out :)

I do however have a picture that was “created” by that team… they left some water guns for the little guys to play with. They were quickly “borrowed” by the older boys and a week long water fight broke out!! Beds were wet…clothes were ripped…you get the idea :)

Their trip overlapped with another team, so I stayed in GG while their team headed north…

Hmm, how do I describe the trio of Bruce, Stan & Ron? They are retired Principals from the Abbotsford (BC) area who share the vision of making the H2H School one of the best in all of Haiti & are partnering with H2H to make it happen! They sent an enormous amount of donated school supplies in the container which arrived in May.

Here’s a glimpse of what they did while they were here:

Bruce & Stan have put together a 4 year program for the H2H teachers & will be coming with Ron (who has mastered French & doesn’t need a translator!) each summer to facilitate it.

Bruce & Stan sang a song each morning to break the ice…they thought they were doing a great job until Garry & Jacque (sitting in the chairs) imitated them one day :)

H2H teachers with their level 1 certificates:

Party with H2H teachers (& their spouses) to celebrate their accomplishments:

This white dove showed up the first day the team arrived & stayed for most of their trip – I’ve never seen one in Haiti before…coincidence? I don’t think so either :)

And now for my favorite picture…applying the bug spray!!!

I’ve had the last few days to get caught up on my sleep & plow through most of my “to do list” and the next team (teachers from MEI School) arrive on Thursday! They’ll be here for the week & leave on the same plane with me on July 15th.

I’ve been in Haiti since January – longest stretch so far! It’s been a good run but I’m looking forward to seeing my family…especially my nieces & nephew! My next update will likely be made from a room a few degrees cooler :)