Sorry… got you all hooked on regular updates then left you hanging! Darcy’s team left last Sunday evening & another team arrived (including my parents!!!) arrived Sunday morning…. needless to say, it’s been busy here :)

Darcy’s team never got to Jacmel… the container arrived minutes before we were planning to head out & the team worked around the clock to get it unloaded & the main structure of the playground in the ground before their plane took off. Part of their team will be coming back in a few weeks/months to finish setting it up.

Here are some picture of the container arriving & being unpacked.

Here’s a couple of the playground going up… it’s farther along than this but the new team is keeping me too busy to dig my camera out again. I’ll post some pictures of it next week.

The new team, John’s team, has had an incredibly busy week!!! They’ve fed the hospital patients in Grande Goave, built & raced wooden cars with the kids, taken the kids to the beach and something quite remarkable… organized 26 local pastors to work together to distribute food & aid to the most needy in Grande Goave. This is the first time they have been united & they are eager to do it again!!

My parents have been involved with most of the team’s activities but they’ve also been distributing items collected by my mom’s school, Parkland Elementary. Each kid has received a new outfit (a very stylish outfit!) & the depot has been restocked with sheets, toys & medical supplies. On top of the items that were donated, money was sent to purchase kitchen supplies,
shoes for the kids, bug screens, curtains, table cloths (for 15 large picnic tables in the kid’s dining room) and new soccer nets. The stuff donated & purchased was outstanding – thank you Parkland!!!!!! I’ll post pictures of that next week too.

My parents are headed to the airport tomorrow & John’s team (with me) is headed to Bouva to spend a few nights.

Here’s a couple pictures of my parents getting to know my friends…

And I can’t end this blog without giving you another update about Wilkenson…. he’s back home!!!! They kept him for a few days of “physio” & sent him on his way. He’s doing great!!! He doesn’t have a cast & can move his arm with relative ease. He still can’t straighten it completely & has some pain making a tight fist but it really is a miracle that it has healed so quickly & he even played/swam today with the rest of the kids.