Today is Agriculture Day in Haiti and traditionally it is celebrated by making Bouyon (aka Haitian stew) using the root vegetables grown locally.  It is also a day off of school… what could be better for 100 kids than having the day off of school & eating a big bowl of goat bouyon for dinner!?!  It was a great day and here are some pictures.

The professionals tried to teach Maily to skip.

Hasannah, Komsly & Roodlay patiently waited their turn to get their ankles hit by the rope :)
Shella loved playing marbles & not having to braid her hair.
Djefarah pretended she was a Queen & didn’t have to walk in the hot sun.

Anyday is a good day for a mango but it’s extra sweat on Agriculture Day… according to Domeline anyways.

 Zachary proved he is a true Haitian… able to play soccer and eat a mango at the same time!

Jelani spent the morning with his god-mother, Rosena… she even let him dangle his feet dangerously over the edge of the balcony!

And most importantly, we made 3 huge pots of Bouyon…

…and every plate got a generous portion of goat! 

It was a fun day for all and an early night for most!  Happy Bouyon Day :)