Here’s a letter I sent out by email, thought I’d share it on the blog too in case I missed someone.

Hi there,

Well, my intent was to email you to say Happy New Year but that would be embarrassing since it’s almost the end of February so I’ll say Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!! That’s still a bit embarrassing but I’ll have to live with that :)

I spent the Christmas holidays with my family & thanks to an unusual amount of snow I was forced to have some much needed down time. I really enjoyed just hanging with my family. They have been incredibly supportive of my decision to make this “Haiti thing” indefinite and have made enormous sacrifices to not only support me but to walk along side me.

The months preceding the holidays were the toughest I’ve had to experience since coming to H2H. Having typhoid & malaria at the same time really took a toll on me physically and emotionally. There was a particularly bad day when I had back to back fevers through the night & most of the following day. When my “nurses” were satisfied that I was sufficiently covered in
smelly t-shirts that were doubling as cooling cloths (their hearts were in the right place) I was left alone to sleep. As soon as my bedroom door was shut I heard shuffling under my bed & Eliyou (our youngest boy) appeared. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was making sure I didn’t die. He didn’t want to pray for me, because he prayed for his mom & she died, but he did sleep with me the rest of the day. There were many memorable moments during those weeks when I was so sick but this one had the biggest impact on me. It made me realize not only how sick I was but how deeply I have connected with the kids. I truly love them as much as they love me.

During the first days of my recover it took some acting to convince my friends & family that I was well again but those days are long gone and I am feeling 100% again. I came back to Haiti on December 31st and spent a week celebrating the New Year with the kids. It was so much fun! They are now back in school & into their normal routines but I still feel the “just arrived” adrenaline when we play. Also, I returned with some great Hooked on Phonics materials so teaching ESL has gotten a lot easier… & a lot more fun for the kids! Check out my blog to see pictures of the kid’s Christmas celebrations and a truly amazing update on Preslet.

Now that I’ve said Happy Valentine’s Day & given you a bit of an update I’d like to say a sincere thank you to all of you. My first decision to come to Haiti for a year was a little unnerving but still very exciting. This time I used the word “indefinite” to describe the length of my stay and that was down right scary. At first I had many sleepless nights & avoided anyone who
I thought disagreed with my decision. But when I faced the source of my fear head on – a lack of faith – my confidence grew & so did my support base. God has softened my heart to love these kids & He has been faithful in providing for me. So thank you for being so willing to support me and thank you for your patience with my lack of communication. Blogging & emailing are often a struggle as I feel like I have to digest what I’m feeling & experiencing and it is, at times, hard to find the right words to describe it all. Also I’m usually exhausted by the end of the day & the bed
usually wins over the computer! I will try to do better!

Thank you again for your support and prayers and I do love hearing news from home so please email me when you have a chance.