I know I’ve talked about this before but the H2H Gift Catalogue continues to be one of my favorite “duties”. Recently I sent this email to one of the our donors…

From: Rebecca Larkin
Subject: H2H Gift Catalogue – School Supplies

Thank you for purchasing “school supplies” through the H2H gift catalogue!

H2H has a music school for the kids within the home as well as those who come to our church. Each year a new set of kids go through months of theory & then choose their instrument. As they develop they form the “Jr Band” and start to play in our Friday night church services. They then graduate to play in the “Senior Band” which is a full orchestra which plays in our
Sunday morning services as well as for weddings & funerals in town.

Music is a big part of the Haitian culture and the kids are very excited when their turn comes to start the music school. They practice hours everyday…my room is attached to the church so Mary has a little lamb is forever engraved in my head :)

Your purchase of school supplies has purchased reeds for the instruments, music books & photocopied training sheets. I have attached pictures of some of the kids training (both in the Jr Band & the Sr Band) as well as a picture of Maestro Noel who is in charge of the program – they were in serious need of the supplies & Noel asked me to pass on a HUGE thank you on
his behalf!!

I also included a picture of little Lousen who has already decided that he’s going to play the drums when his turn comes & he practices regularly with his prized drum set :)

Thank you again!

Rebecca Larkin

If you’d like more information check out H2H’s website or email me and we can customize a purchase…day at the beach for the kids, new underwear for the kids, a glass of milk with the evening snack, hair accessories for the girls, a new soccer ball for the boys, help a struggling neighbour (like we’re doing for Notremene), the possibilities are endless!!