For the past few years H2H sponsors have celebrated Christmas in a special way…

Christmas dinner for the kids & staff at H2H:

A Christmas gift for each of the students at the H2H School:

This year our goal is to raise $6000 & as of yesterday we have raised $5,455 – we just need
another $545!

The deadline for this fundraiser is Thursday Dec 15th – if you’d like to donate, here are the ways you can give:

1. If you are on automatic debit already, you can simply email our treasurer, Colleen Sanberg at saying you give H2H permission to do a one-time withdrawal of ______. We will then withdraw the amount you say from your account and send the money to Haiti.

2. You can mail a cheque to Colleen with a note attached saying it is for the 2011 Christmas fundraiser. Colleen’s address is 35138 Page Rd., Abbotsford, B.C. V3G 1N8.

3. You can go to our website ( and click on “Ways to Give” at the top, and then “Donate”. You can then use your credit card via Paypal to donate to H2H.