Renel, Hasannah & I took a trip to Grande Savande to see the progress on the Church Pastor Luc is building there.

The roof was just poured on the church a few weeks ago & it looks great.  Here are a few shots of the land surrounding the church.  Grande Savande is a very poor village & Pastor Luc’s vision for this church is to have a community center that will help meet their physical & medical needs as well.

They have started having services in the church but without doors they’re fighting a loosing battle with the goats!!  It will cost ~$1200 to make & install the 3 iron doors they need… if you know of any groups that would like to fund-raise for this project we’d appreciate it!

In addition to visiting the church we also wanted to take Hasannah to visit Bouva (a stone’s throw away from Grande Savande), the village where Renel grew up… and where many of our relatives still live!

Here is Hasannah sitting with her grandpa in front of their home in Bouva.

Hasannah got to meet her Great Grandparents for the first time.

We also took a bit of a detour so I could see the famous “Saline”… where they make salt!