Well, tomorrow morning I leave GLA & move to H2H. This last week at GLA has been great!! I’ve had some of my favorite moments with the kids & I’ve gotten to do a few new things too!

A few days ago, with broken Creole, I tried to explain to Ronaldo (one of the older boys) why the kids at H2H need me. I told him that he has Molly, Joyce, Danielle, Brittany & the other volunteers and the kids in Grande Goave don’t have anyone right now. I didn’t think he understood but I underestimated him… so far I have heard him explain it to 2 other kids :)

I have had an amazing time at GLA and I feel very blessed to work with these kids & meet the community. While I am sad to leave it is a happy ending for me… I have gotten to see the kids I’ve worked with grow & improve in amazing ways and I know their future is bright. They will all be placed with great “forever families” and in the meantime they have a home where they are loved immensely!

Though many of you don’t know Joyce & Molly (the girls who run the Toddler House) I want to quickly tell them that they are doing an amazing job & they are personally changing the lives of hundreds of kids! Their love for the kids is inspiring and their commitment to their roles (despite constant challenges) is an example I will strive to follow while at H2H. Thank you so much for being courageous enough to follow your heart.

Molly, Joyce & Timothy (Molly’s brother who visited a few weeks ago… HI Timothy!!!)

To the “forever families” who are following this blog, there is so much I want to say to you… the kids that are coming home to you (soon!!!) are so excited to join your family. Those of them who can talk, speak of you with pride and those who can’t talk, beam when they see pictures of you. It was truly an honor to care for your children & I will continue to pray for them, and for their new families.

Now for a some new pictures of the kids:

Thamar… at least she matches :)

Cindy Love… Taylor, I think she’s your Haitian twin :)

Kenley & his new toy…. which he LOVES!!

My final adventures in the Kenscoff Mountains…

Saturday I went on the Feeding again and another volunteer, Brittany came with me. We decided to do a bit of shopping & go for lunch before meeting up with the group so we left early & took a tap-tap up to the Baptist Mission. About half way up the tap-tap ran out of gas!! The driver was definetely a pro… he left just enough gas to turn around so he could roll down the hill to the closest gas station. Everyone piled out of the truck & started to walk. We didn’t last long walking up the moutain… but I’m happy to say that we lasted longer then most of the others!! We quickly came up with Plan B, which was called “Hitch Hiking in Haiti”. Not something that I’d recommend but desperate times call for desperate meaures :) The Feeding was great again. We went to a place that I had been before so it was nice to be greeted by familar faces.

Sunday I went to Haitian church with the kids. I sat in the back with them on the floor b/c it was packed. A few minutes into the service one of the Pastors came over to me & asked me to follow him. I had no idea why but I wasn’t going to argue… he wanted me to have a seat and unfortunately for me… the only seat available was in the front of the church with the choir!!

Today I was able to visit an orphanage in Port-au-Prince that was founded by Mother Theresa and still run by Nuns. It was an amazing experience & a great way to spend my last morning here.

And FINALLY, how could I end without giving you an update on the little premie who is pictured in the Before & After pictures below. She has returned home with her mother!!

I will still have access to internet while in Grande Goave so please continue to email me… it is a great source of encouragement for me!