Renel & I have been back in Haiti for a couple of weeks now and, as usual, it’s great to see the kids again, & our friends and family! It was an especially exciting reunion as we had a surprise for them…

When we left Haiti I was almost 3 months pregnant but we hadn’t told many people so we were able to give them quite a shock with an almost 6 month belly!!! The kids (& entire community!) are very excited for us, and everyone has been very helpful.

Our plan is to head back to Canada in late November, as I’m due in January, and then return to Haiti when the baby is a couple of months old… hopefully with the grandparents in tow!! It will obviously have to be a flexible plan, and will depend on how things go. I had a rough first trimester with nausea and am feeling much better now but have struggled since returning to Haiti… busy schedule, heat, mosquitos, food, etc. We’d appreciate your prayers.

Renel & I had a great summer in Canada and really enjoyed having some down time with my family. Our schedule was busy with weddings, family functions & sight seeing!