The past 2 weeks have been consumed with talk of the elections, especially with Aristide’s return. To be honest, I’m now avoiding the obsessed adults & spending as much time as possible with the little ones… who are just as tired of the speculation as I am :)

It has resulted in some great pictures….

Jendsay Trace (Luc & Elna’s daughter) learning to wash clothes:

Fritzon cruising around the compound… unfortunately this picture was taken just before he ran into a wall – he had a bloody nose but was still proud of himself:

Jean Eli proving he just ate 2 helpings of rice & beans:

Junior showing off with his “girl” shampoo:

Eliyou pretending to have a reason to climb the forbidden ironwork:

As frustrated as I am at trying to sift through the Election rumors and guess what is motivating the return of the past Presidents, I really do care and am anticipating the results as much as everyone else. The second round of the Election was held on Sunday and the results should be announced next week. Things are fairly calm but there is enough fighting between the parties that most people are staying close to home.

If you’re interested, here is an article about Aristide’s return… there are other articles on this website about the Election: