Yesterday the preliminary election results were announced and “Tet Kale” (Michel Martelly) is Haiti’s new President.

Here is a translation of his acceptance speech:

The results were well received in most of the country… but not in our little town of Grand Goave….

Yesterday they also announced the new Mayor of Grand Goave and the losing political party is not taking the loss well. The past 24 hours have been filled with gun fire and burning tires. Our gates are locked and we’re thankful for our high walls and independent resources.

Against my better judgment I made a dash outside to take a few pictures this afternoon… I returned safely but Renel has tightened my leash to say the least.

To put things into perspective, I took these pictures just a stones throw from the front gate of our compound…

In typical H2H fashion our kids are taking the events in stride and the boys even had a lively soccer game this afternoon… the fires burning just outside the walls.

To be honest, it feels a bit like after the earthquake… my house is so full of neighbors that there is barely enough room to walk around.

The final results will be announced April 16th… hopefully things will calm down before that.