Every night since the first quake we have huddled in the yard with the kids, church members & many community members. We have prayed and cried out for help from the Lord. This morning we left the compound at 4am and walked the streets… singing and praying with the rest of Grand Goave. It was a powerful morning.

Thank you to everyone. Thank you for the emails. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for putting your love into action by supporting H2H financially too. We are already feeling the affects of your support. We were able to punch a hole in our depot and retrieve some food. We received 5 large bags of rice from another mission in town. Tomorrow I am going to Port-au-Prince to receive some food relief from another mission. H2H Canada is also working around the clock to organize containers to be sent as well as connecting us with help within the country. Thank you all for your work. I can not say thank you enough.

Please continue to pray for our strength. Pray too for our safety as we go to Port-au-Prince tomorrow. This will be my first time seeing the devastation first hand and their our obvious security risks.

Here are some pictures to share with you.

We were able to remove some pots & cooking utensils from the kitchen:

The hole we made in the depot to recover some of the buried food:

Our new kitchen:

Our new bedroom:

Rosie sharing her dinner with one of the community kids last night:

Naiderson & Makenson waiting for breakfast this morning:

Eliyou (first in line), Ti-Pope & Naiderson, waiting for breakfast to be served this morning:

Junior eating breakfast this morning:

Wilner & Lousen eating breakfast this morning:

Our youngest, Makenley, sitting quietly in the yard:

The kids sharing a mango: