Everyone is working hard back “home” to support us… here is part of an email the H2H board sent to their supporters this morning:


Here at home, the food collection is still in full swing.

· The Abbotsford Police and Fire Department have a little competition going on to see who can bring in the most rice, and so far we have received a total of 250 bags of rice! – suffice to say, that the Fire Dept. needs to step it up a little if they hope to win this competition!

· Raft River Elementary school from Clearwater, B.C. donated 200 lbs. of rice, and $840 through a bake sale and twoonie drive.

· Lotus Light Charity Society from Vancouver has given us 20,000 lbs. of rice.

· The communities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam are coming together on February 20 and 21 at the Coquitlam Centre mall to fill a 40 foot shipping container with basic baby supplies. With the support of local businesses and residents, local Mom’s Julie Rogers and Jacqueline Goring are on a mission to fill a container with diapers, powdered formula, children’s vitamins, children’s Tylenol and other baby supplies to be shipped directly to several Haitian orphanages.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned tomorrow for exciting news from the city of Surrey and Pacific Community Church.


As for us here in Haiti, we are working hard too. We have almost finished rebuilding the exterior walls that collapsed in the initial earthquake. We have connected with Doctor’s without Borders to provide us with a temporary source of drinking water until we can clean our well. We have had engineers examine our standing buildings. We are hosting a medical clinic at our compound tomorrow.

Personally speaking, I had a few low days this week physically but am feeling stronger today. I had almost convinced Renel to move back into our house (so I could get some sleep) but we had a substantial aftershock last night, at midnight, and that pretty much ended the conversation :)

When I was recovering from malaria & typhoid last year I remember thinking how resilient Haitians are. I gained a new respect for their ability to endure their lifestyle and still raise their hands to praise the Lord. My respected for them has grown. Everyone here is working so hard and they have already adapted to much of their new situation… and they are still waking every 4 hours to thank God for His grace and plead for mercy.

On another topic… this blog gained some new followers and some people are asking me for more information on H2H and my decision to come here. I don’t have the internet time at the moment to respond to everyone but here is where you can find more info:

Regarding H2H:
– Heart to Heart website, www.hearttohearthaiti.org. This will give you the details on the organization as well as the status of their fund-raising efforts.
– My blog post on June 14, 2008, “An overdue update”. This will give you a bit of background on Pastor Luc and his heart for the kids at H2H.

Regarding me:
– My blog post on April 16th, “Want to know who I am and what I’m doing in Haiti?”

Hope this helps!