Enorck & I (and our faithful team) headed to Port-au-Prince again this morning. We had an appointment at an orphanage in Croix-de-Bouquet called Ebenezer. My heart sank when we arrived and they said they weren’t expecting us… but it quickly soared when they immediately offered to help after hearing about our situation!! They gave us some food to get us through a few more days and promised to deliver more food by the weekend. On the way back we stopped at Double Harvest in Coupon and they also added to our supplies. The last 2 days in Port-au-Prince have been exhausting but it was so nice to drive into our compound with this truck full of food… it may not seem like a lot but there are 15 bags of rice behind those boxes!!!

The earthquake that shook us this morning was powerful. Several more buildings around us fell (including Soirilia’s house) and it shattered our hopes that things were starting to calm down. Most of us at H2H where still laying in the yard so there were no more injuries or major damage to the compound. I did however further damage the roads. The picture below is the road between Grande Goave and Leogane – it is still passable but can’t take much more. The bridge at Foche has taken a beating too… it has separated in places up to 6 inches. We pass it as quickly as possible so I don’t have any pictures.

Tent cities have been set up everywhere in PauP:

There are still bodies roadside:

Government building in PauP:

We are tired but so grateful for Ebenezer Orphanage & Double Harvest for being so willing to help us today. We are also thankful to return safely to Grande Goave after 2 long days in PauP. Thank you to everyone who is working so hard behind the scenes to help us.