It’s been 3 days since the Convention finished and we’re still getting caught up on sleep – and few more days of R&R, then we’ll start the clean up!

Several churches backed out at the last minute due to cholera concerns and riots in Cap Haitien but the attendance was in the thousands for sure. The 5 day conference was a real blessing for those who came and for those who hosted – I was stuck in the kitchen for most of it but I did manage to take a few pictures.

Pastor Luc:

The Church:

One of 3 temporary kitchens:

It was a busy week, not only because of the conference, but because one of our girls, Carol, was very sick with typhoid fever. We took her to several hospitals but no one was willing to admit her due to the cholera outbreak – either hospitals are full or scared to take in anyone that has cholera like symptoms… typhoid doesn’t have many but enough to make people nervous. We finally got accepted into a hospital in Ti-Goave run by the Red Cross… luckily there were some Canadian staff that literally let me in the back door. We’ve had some very close calls in the past week with Carol but she is now responding well to the medicine and drinking juice and soup – getting stronger every day.

Between seeing Carol fight for her life and the constant threat of cholera I am realizing once again how out of control we really are. I’ll be honest – I go in a circle between fear, peace and then sadness. Fear because I know my choices put me at risk physically. Peace because I know this world is only temporary and I have something much better waiting for me. Sadness because I know so many of my friends & family back home don’t share that same peace and are missing out on so much.