The pace has slowed down here at H2H… we’ve only had a handful of visitors this past month.  After 2+ months of solid teams, the change of pace has given us a breather… but only a short one as the next string of teams start next week!

I am now over 6 months pregnant so Renel, Hasannah & I will be heading to Canada this week so I can get ready for baby #2.  I have mixed feelings about leaving… the baby bump (not to mention chasing Hasannah around the compound!) is starting to make life in Haiti difficult so I’m definitely ready for the break but these past 3 months have been so busy that I feel like I’m leaving without spending the quality time that I’m used to spending with the kids.  I tried to make up for it last night with a “Hot Chocolate Party” but it poured rain just as we were pouring the hot chocolate into mugs so the party part was cut short.  Fortunately the internet has become much more accessible in Haiti this past year so I am able to stay in close contact with the kids, even from Canada. 

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to the past few weeks…

Glasses have suddenly become fashionable in Haiti!!  The older kids buy glasses in the market, the younger ones make their own… lenses and all!

The kids have welcomed our new puppy into the family by building him a dog house.

The kids have been trying to teach Hasannah how to line up for food… she only has a few words mastered but one of them is “grangou” (hungry in kreyol).

During our spring cleaning we found this old picture.  Those of you who have been coming to H2H for awhile may recognize some of the kids.