The men have been working hard on the new guesthouse/kitchen/dining room building and the columns are now finished.

Bruce, Stan & Joanne are working with the H2H teachers & tomorrow is their last seminar day. They have a 5 year professional development program and this week will complete “year 2”. The teachers are learning lots and having a lot of fun at the same time. We met with a representative from the Ministry of Education this morning in Ti-Goave and they were very impressed with “The Twins” (that’s the nickname the kids have given Bruce & Stan) and they are willing to work along side of us in an attempt to get the program accredited by the Haitian government… no promises but we’re definitely on the right path.

Kenzie has been at H2H the past 2 months and left this week – she was sad to leave and the kids are missing her hugs :)