It’s been a whirlwind of activity at H2H the past few days.  Melanie’s team is having a great time with the kids….


 And they have been joined by Bruce & Stan’s team… who are doing their annual teacher training.  This year they have ~80 students.

They are also organizing the storage room in preparation for September… not easy work in this heat!

On a different note… Belo, the younger brother of 2 of our H2H kids, was brought here yesterday after several long days of “hospital hopping” with little result.  When I arrived he was being looked over by one of our nursing students and she suspected high blood sugar.  She whispered to me that his blood sugar was reading 30.9.  I swallowed my panic and lifted up a quick, but intense, prayer.  Less than 2 hours later Belo was on his way to a medical clinic which specializes in juvenile diabetes, and the staff were anxiously awaiting his arrival.  Seems too good to be true?  It was, and only God could have orchestrated the events.  The details of the story deserve more time than I have at the moment (power is a precious commodity) but I wanted to share a picture and a portion of an email my sister-in-law (who found the clinic on the internet and was able to connect us with them almost instantly!) got from the doctor shortly after Belo arrived at the clinic last night….
“The young man is at our facility and has already started insulin.  Our nurses will be up with him all night slowly correcting his glucose and acidosis.  He is in DKA and pretty ill, but I expect that he will make a full recovery.  You literally saved his life by getting him medical attention tonight.” 
 Belo is reacting well to the insulin but it has to be administered to him slowly as his body is so weak.  He has a long journey ahead of him but he is in good hands at the moment.