I was first introduced to Haiti when my church sent a short-term missions team to H2H and I was invited to go along.  Not only were we able to bless the people of H2H (& surrounding area) but the experience affected each team member in a powerful way.
One of the things I am now responsible for is helping teams with the logistics of their trip to H2H.  I am continuously amazed at the way God uses those few days to change lives… both of the team members and those they come in contact with.  I have been jealous on several occasions – wishing I could turn back time and relive the intensity of that first trip to Haiti.

Well the time has come… I’m going back to the future!!

My family arrived in Canada a few weeks ago and Renel & the kids will be staying while I’m headed back to H2H this afternoon with a team of Doctors and Nurses for 8 mobile clinics in 2 weeks!  I am incredibly excited about the opportunity… not to mention the chance to travel on a plane without kids :)

I have many friends, family & supporters that are not able to visit H2H personally so I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to share this experience with me virtually!  I will be posting pictures regularly on facebook and will look forward to hearing your comments. 

The team would also appreciate prayer for our safety,  health and lots of energy!!