Thanks for all the emails & prayers… I am feeling much better!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a real update, so here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to.

Last weekend, I went on the Feeding again on Saturday. It POURED rain so I don’t have many pictures, and the ones I do have are mostly of the kids in the back of the truck hiding from the rain. The beginning of a rain fall is quite funny, everyone starts running for cover… young & old. Most people are terrified of rain because it leads to illness, which isn’t a good thing here because it’s difficult for them to recover without the meds & care we often take for granted at home.

The rains starts…..

Getting worse….

Now raining so hard it hurts! There weren’t enough bags to go around so I was one of the brave ones without one… hmm… wonder if that had anything to do with getting so sick? Nah…

Amil (one of the few who speak a bit of English… also the one who gave me the present last time) & his buddy.

This was leaving one of our stops. It was a bit chaotic & they chased the truck as long as they could… hoping to get an extra bag of rice.

I was pretty much sick for the rest of last week so that’s an easy update. We did get a few more new kids this past weeks but I’m not sure the exact numbers. Here’s the newest premie. BTW, for those of you who have been asking, the tiny girl in the blog entry a few weeks ago has gained strenght and has now returned home. Great news!

I started feeling better on Friday (good timing!) and this weekend was great. Saturday we went to the market in Petionville in the morning. I’ve been there a few times now so I decided to wander through some vendors off the man road while the other were in a store… big mistake… I almost got plowed by a car!! I’ve never jumped so quickly in my life!

In the afternoon a few of us took a tap-tap up the mountain to the Baptist Mission. We have some new volunteers so they got to do some vendor shopping and we got to eat some long anticipated ice cream sundaes. The regulars (Molly & Joyce) didn’t come with us so it was up to me to get the girls home safely on the tap-tap…. all went smoothly except we got off a few blocks too late which meant walking up a steep hill in the pouring rain. Hmm…. hopefully the anitbiotics stay in my system for awhile :)

For those of you who don’t know what tap-taps are, here’s a picture of a broken down one… which is common. You sit in the back of the pickup and “tap” on the side when you want to get off. You’d be amazed to see how many people can cram into one!

Just as I was drifting off last night I was startled back awake by what sounded like a marching band in our living room! Luckily it wasn’t in our living room… it was out on the street, but unluckily it was a voodoo rara (similar to a parade) which wound through our neighbourhood & lasted several hours. I watched it from our balcony & it was quite an experience. I have heard voodoo chants/ceremonies on previous trips to Haiti but I’ve never watched one. Apparently last night was the first of many this week, leading up to Easter. Hopefully the rains will keep them to a minimum.

We were all tired today so we thought it would be a good energy booster to go for a hike. It was fun but turned into more than I was banking on. Here’s of picture (although a bad one) of the church that we walked to. To get there we had to go down an enormous ravine and back up the other side. For me, it was like the Grouse Grind… glad I did it but don’t need to do it again :)

This was a lady we passed on the way up. It’s common to see women carry huge loads on their head but I thought this one was ironic because her husband walked in front, leading her, carrying a drink :)

Here are some kids that were playing soccer at the church, there was only 1 kid when I started to take the picture but everyone wanted in… you can’t even see the original boy :)

Oh, and how could I forget…. MATTHEW LOVES ME!!! I didn’t see him much this week b/c I was sick but when I went on Friday he ran to me & played with me for hours! That was worth being sick for :)

Thanks again for all the emails of support, I really appreciate them.