It’s so good to back here, it actually feels like I never left. The travel days were perfect!! I went with 2 overweight bins & 2 large carry-ons (1 was over 60lbs!) and I didn’t have to pay anything for them!! They didn’t weigh them in Vancouver and they did in Miami but they let it slide with a friendly God Bless… guess it was worth writing “Haitian Baby Orphanage” all over them :)

We arrived yesterday afternoon & I played with the kids before dinner. After about 5 minutes I was soaked… and not just pee… at least my initiation was short & relatively painless. There are ~150 kids & they’re great. I already have some favorites picked out :)

I share a room w/ 5 other girls (in sweet little bunk beds) & we have our own bathroom. They only turn the water on at night so there’s already a line up for tonight :) We have internet too but it’s very unreliable & I need to learn to save more often!! I’ve written this blog 3 times so far & the power keeps going out so I have to start all over. It will take some time to adjust back to Haitian time.

Today I spend the morning doing crafts & games with some of the toddlers. The volunteers work with the ones that need it the most & the rest stay with the Haitian nannys. The security isn’t as tight as I expected so I am able to take kids for walks around the community, which is nice. Most people in the community are friendly to the “blancs”. But a man approached me as I walked today… I thought he asked for the time so I told him it was 10:30am… he made a rude gesture & walked away… I have a long way to go with this Creole thing :) Good thing the kids think it’s cool that I’m learning so they like teaching me.

This afternoon I worked with the little ones in the Baby House, which is a 20 minute walk thru the community. It’s pretty complicated to get there so hopefully I’ll get my bearing quickly… too bad Sean (my brother) isn’t just a phone call away :) I’m assigned to 4 babies and I spend an hour with each every afternoon. It went well today, except for Matthew, who spent the hour hiding under his bed. I’ll win him over yet.

Sorry for the sideways pictures… I don’t have any editing options…

My welcome party:

Thanks for the crafts Mom (necklaces & heart paper today):

Baby House: