The Marines returned this morning to complete the work they started yesterday. They tore down some unstable walls and put a temporary fence (razor wire) up where the walls had fallen.

Here they are deciding how to tear down the wall… this is the wall that separates my house from H2H and the wall was almost leaning against our house. Renel is the one in the back, standing on the stairs, making sure they don’t take down our house too :)

Mission accomplished:

Making the fence:

The Marines shared their rations with the kids… which was very exciting since each meal package had snacks, desert, juice and other treats along with the main course.

Spirit have really risen over the past few days and all of our guys chipped in this morning with the work. They courageous climbed on the roof to recover our water barrels:

They recovered our temporary sleeping shelter with more palms leaves and some tarps we received from Doctors without borders:

They started stacking the fallen bricks that can be reused and cleaning up the rubble:

They also sifted through the fallen guest house to recover some of the floor tiles:

And now for the best news of all… mango season has started!!!!!!