Yesterday afternoon I got my first Christmas present. I was on my balcony, with an apron on & covered with flour (…I’m experimenting with making cookies in my new toaster oven!) and Nwa Pam, aka Predel, and his friend Luckner came to visit me.

Some background on Luckner…

Nwa Pam and I have been good friends for awhile now and one day I was helping him set up an email account and he used “Luckner” as his password. Who the heck is Luckner & if he’s such a good friend of yours why haven’t I met him yet? You embarrassed you have a white friend? …followed by more ribbing & banter. It turned out that Luckner was his best friend at school but he rarely invited him to H2H as he didn’t go to church & cultural boundaries are high (too high in my opinion). We had a good chat about Luckner & I said I wanted to meet him & I wanted Nwa Pam to invite him to church. He came for a visit after school the next day and a few days later they announced in church that there was going to be a concert… perfect opportunity to Luckner to come! I mentioned it to Nwa Pam but he just smiled and said, “I already asked him & he said he’d come.” Luckner has been a regular around H2H ever since and about a month ago he gave his life to Christ.

Okay, back to my story…

Exams started yesterday & everyone has been madly studying. A few days ago I overheard Nwa Pam & Luckner talking about whether the school (not H2H school but a high school in town) would let Luckner write the exams as he hasn’t paid his tuition yet. His sister has been sick & recently had an operation, which was very expensive for his family. After Luckner had gone home Nwa Pam & I talked and the next day he gave Luckner the money to pay his school.

Days here go by so quickly that I had completely forgotten about giving money to Luckner so when he came to visit me the next day I was clueless as to the reason. After a few cups of coffee & a thorough (but friendly) insulting of my cookies, Luckner opened his bulging bag & gave me a bag of corn & limes from his family’s garden. This may seem like a small gesture but it’s really huge! Survival has always been tough but it has gotten much worse with the hurricanes, especially with damaged gardens.

I’m sharing this with you as I want to pass Luckner’s gratitude on to you. I raise financial support to live in Haiti and have built in a “Compassion Fund” so I can help people like Luckner. Since September this fund has helped families of kids that live at H2H, supported a widow that lives outside our walls, bought food for the hungry, medicine for the sick and sent many kids to hospital. So to all who so generously support me, THANK YOU… from me and from all of those you have blessed!

Since I’m already in the ‘thank you swing” I’ll add another… H2H sponsors have donated an extra $5,000 to make this Christmas season special. The money will be used to have a Christmas party (gifts included!!) for the kids & workers at H2H and a food hamper & present will be sent home with each of the school kids! I’m going to be spending Christmas with my family so I won’t be here to celebrate with the kids but I’m leaving my camera behind and I’ll share pictures with you when I get back.