Some friends of mine, Albert & Scott, arrived yesterday & they brought with them several letters from family & friends… along with presents, care packages & who know what else… I haven’t had time to look through the bins!!! I had a very late night last night reading through the letters. They were such a huge inspiration to me that I bounced out of bed this morning (after very few hours of sleep) & I felt as if I was seeing the kids for the first time again. So THANK YOU!!!!

I want to share part of the letter my mom wrote me… I haven’t asked her for permission so if you see this blog entry mysteriously disappear you’ll know why ☺

“I was listening to the 106.5 Praise station on the way home and a boy came on and talked about orphans. He said (paraphrased);

“We seldom hear the word ‘orphan’ nowadays. It is ‘refugee’ or ‘adoption stories’ but the meaning of orphan is downplayed.

An orphan means someone with no mom or dad. Even tho a child has food, clothing and shelter, to be an orphan means not having a mom/dad to give encouragement when you are sick, scared or sad. It means no parent is pushing you to do and be your best, cheering for you at a game, standing proudly at your graduation or celebrating at your wedding.”

You are very right when you say “you just don’t understand until you’ve been here to see and experience it for yourself.” I will admit that my prayers for you have been just that – prayers for you. I didn’t get it – I didn’t see the bigger picture. You are, for all intents and purposes, the momma to all these orphans – and the impact of that on you must be overwhelming. And because they are children, the importance of you being in their lives will probably not be realized until you are no longer there.

We can send people, money & gifts, but nothing takes the place or even comes close to what you are doing 24/7. And you need your own encourager, cheering squad and times of celebration. I will pray that God will send you those encouragers when you need them.”

I won’t include the rest of the letter as it gets a little personal ☺

I wanted to share part of my mom’s letter with you for a few reasons. First of all it was an incredible encouragement to me & I know some of the people that read this blog are working in similar situations to me (Joyce & Molly especially) ~ I hope these words are an encouragement to you as well! Secondly, I wanted to say another huge THANKYOU as I have a great “cheering squad”. My parents, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends & many people I haven’t even met before!! The letters I received last night will be reread many times over the next few months.

I’ll end this with some great news…. I’M COMING HOME!!! Thanks to a very generous friend, I’ll be coming home from December 28th – January 16th. Email me so we can get together and Danielle & Teriann… start planning the New Years party!!