This past week we hosted a team led by Roger (President of H2H).  Roger was my team leader when I first came to H2H in 2005 and this week brought back many memories for me of my first experience in Haiti.  The team consisted of several old friends (including some other H2H board-members); Shawna, Colleen, Wayne & Rachael.  We also got to meet some new friends; Andrew, Melody, Jill & Quinn.  They spent most of their time connecting with the kids & leaders of H2H but they squeezed in some other activities as well.  Here are some shots of them throughout the week.
Wayne & Andrew working on the horn of the truck:

 A caravan of 3 trucks (99 people!) went to the beach for the afternoon…

…and Jelani had his first claustrophobic moment!

Shawna had 2 seminars with the church community.  One taught us about personality types & how we can better relate with each other.  It was recorded by a local radio station and has been aired several times a day since so everyone is talking about what personality they have and what personality they wished their spouse had, LOL :)  The other seminar taught us about anxiety and how to reduce stress naturally.  Here is a picture of Shawna & Luc demonstrating how to reduce muscle tension by flexing each muscle group separately… they are currently demonstrating the “bum burn”…

…and here are some of the church members respectfully laughing at their Pastor! 

Hasannah had a few firsts this week as well.  She got sick from seafood and she flew off the merry-go-round… at least we got a cute picture before she took flight!