Have you ever done something & known instantly that you made the wrong decision? I hope many of you are saying yes… if not, just nod your head in agreement so I don’t feel so isolated. Thank you.

Well, a few days ago I went into Port-au-Prince and on the way home we stopped at a road-side “food fair” for some nourishment. After all, what is tastier than a plastic cup filled with lanbi (the little guys that live inside a conch shell) basted with home-made hot sauce so secret they make it under a sheet? Nothing, of course!

Those of you who only nodded in agreement to be polite are probably now shaking your head in amazement… ‘Eating shellfish off the street in a third-world country?!?’ I agree with you completely! And I’ve had plenty of time to ponder over my folly as I have been chained to the toilet for the past 2 days ☺

Making mistakes is not such a bad thing though… there are always lessons that can be learned. Today for example, one of the Pastors in church asked the congregation to pray for me & my diarrhea… what a great lesson in humility ☺

Diarrhea is a pretty common ailment for team members when they come to Haiti & to make light of the situation we have labeled the ailment as “Haitian Happiness”. I think it is safe to say that I am the Happiest Haitian around!