Jason and Brigit have moved on to the second leg of their trip now… hope you’re having fun at Double Harvest!!

They brought a special present for the kids at H2H that I wanted to share with you…

Seyi Esan, a grade 1 boy from Acacia Academy did a school project for the 100th day of school – he made an acacia tree out of 100 pennies. He then asked that his 100 pennies be donated to Haiti after hearing about the earthquake – some of the teachers at the school added to his donation and we used the money to buy Tampico drinks for the kids. It was a real treat for them… especially when they heard that a boy younger than most of them had bought the drinks for them.

Here’s Brigit giving Luc the money and showing him the newspaper article of Seyi’s act of kindness.

And here’s Louson enjoying his drink… thanks Seyi!!

Darcy and his team are expecting their container of supplies to arrive this evening or tomorrow morning… they have big building plans so I should have some exciting updates for you over the next 2 weeks!