It’s late & I’m exhausted so please bear with the spelling mistakes & bluntness ☺ Here’s an update on Darcy’s team & my little buddy….

Wilkenson still hasn’t gotten his operation. We sent 4 older boys into Port-au-Prince to give blood but one of them was too young (Wilkenson’s older brother who really wanted to help). The person taking the blood said they got enough blood from the other 3 so we didn’t have to worry about finding another person. We expected the operation to happen yesterday afternoon but got a call in the afternoon saying it wasn’t going to happen until this morning. I’m so far beyond frustration, now I’m just sad. They called at 10am this morning & said the Doctor (another new one) said he refused to do the surgery until another person came to give blood & because today is Friday they don’t accept blood after noon so the person will have to come in the morning. Sigh. So I can’t give you an accurate update on Wilkenson because I really have no idea!! Another group of people are going to the hospital tomorrow morning – we’re sending lots in case they have a problem giving blood. Hopefully they’ll be able to do the surgery in the afternoon. Wilkenson has been sleeping at the hospital for the last 2 nights & I’ve talked to him a couple times each day. He’s doing well but anxious to come home. Please keep praying for him & for a fire to be lite under the Doctors. His arm was broken last Sunday so a full week has almost passed.

As for Darcy’s team, they are still working incredibly hard & getting redder every day!! The ground is almost ready of the playground & they’ve dug a new drainage system for the school water fountain – yeah, no more mud puddles to jump!! The port in Cap Haitien is giving them troubles getting the container out of customs so one of the team members (Lyle) flew there yesterday as the shipping documents are in his name. They’re still hoping to get the container out in the next few days but they’re starting to consider a plan B… maybe my wish list of maintenance jobs will get finished after all!!!