Sorry for the late update… I have had very limited access to internet since I’ve been in Grande Goave. I’m in an internet cafe at the moment. They have a good connection but their computers are very outdated which makes emailing & blogging frustrating to say the least. I am hoping to bring a laptop back with me in September which should make it a lot easier. Sorry to all those who have emailed me & haven’t heard back yet. I do have a cell phone now and I’d love to hear from you… any excuse to speak english is good for me :) My # is 509-661-4161. It’s free for me to receive international calls but I’m not sure the costs on your end.

I am doing great! The transition to H2H has been a good one and I feel right at home. I am picking up the language much faster now that I am speaking with older kids & adults. I can usually get my point across but understanding them is still very hard… creole is a slang version of French so there are many contractions & abbreviations.

My days are kept very full. We wake at 5am, have a quick church service & do daily chores before school starts at 8am. I spend most of my day with the kids but I visit Luc & Michelle as much as possible. I have so many stories to share but they’ll have to wait :(

I have changed my flights so I will return to Canada with the team from PCC on May 26th. I haven’t booked my return flight to Haiti yet but it will likely be late July as a friend of mine here (Jay Michal) is getting married on July 27th.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of my friends and family! I’m expecting lots of coffee &/or sushi dates :)

Thanks for the emails & the calls, I really appreciate all the support I am getting. I am having an amazing time but it can get lonely, especially with the language barriers.

See some of you soon!!!!