Bodies rotting on the ground
Destruction everywhere is found
Stomachs cry with hunger pain
So much loss so little gain
Buildings fallen, families shattered
Rubble everywhere is scattered
Cries and moans slowly subside
As those buried alive have died
The stench of death permeates the air
But miracles are everywhere
People surviving days on end
Sometimes buried beside a friend
The ground shook, the buildings fell
As Haiti was plunged into hell
Hearts cry around the world
As the devastation is unfurled
Hopeless feelings, what can we do?
Oh Lord, we cry out to You
For we hear when all else is gone
In Haiti there arises a gospel song
As people cry out to You for aid
Those shattered and so afraid
Lift their hearts in praise to You
While others still practise their voodoo
Looting and stealing does abound
As the aftershocks still pound
People sleeping in the street
There is not enough to eat
As bodies are buried in mass graves
The prayers are echoed, “Jesus please save
The lost and hurting in this place
For each of them has a face
A family and friends that cared
Now their hearts have been bared
So many died, yet others live
Oh Lord may Your strength You give
To the Haitians and those around
Who truly do love this ground
Help them rebuild strong and true
May they cast their eyes to You
To break the curse of death that’s there
Help them realise You care
As You send help from far away
May around the globe, Your people pray
For the moving of Your hand
May You bring peace to Haiti’s land
With Death and destruction everywhere
Oh Lord, please keep them in Your care”

Debbie Preuss ©
January 18, 2010