Since I’m teaching the Nannys to knit they figure they should teach me somthing that they find easy & I find difficult…. yup, I’m learning to braid hair! Sounds easy doesn’t it? Ha, think again. Courtney…. you better get ready because I’m going to need to practice when I get home!

Here’ my first attempt. The preparation….

The end result… which lasted about 3 hours… at which time it was “redone properly”. Talk about a piece of humble pie :)

A team from Miami was here for 2 days last week and we had a music party at the Toddler House. Each of the kids got a musical instrument – so fun! Here are some shots.

Party started outside:

Then the rain started…

We toughed it out for awhile, then moved the party inside, when the Nannys took over the dance floor.

And finally, since I feel like I don’t talk about my morning time with the toddlers much, here is a shot of our pipe cleaner fun! NO, that’s not a voodoo doll on the left!! It’s Ronaldo’s self portrait and Clifford the Dog is on the right.