The cholera outbreak is continuing to spread and the increased cases in Grand Goave are keeping us diligent with our new regime of washing hands and keeping things clean. The kids are grumbling with having to clean the kitchen & bathrooms more frequently but the seriousness of the illness is being hammered home… even with the election scandals the radios are almost entirely focused on the cholera outbreak and Social Services are sending field workers to check up on our procedures almost daily.

Thankfully, kids are kids and they can find the bright side in anything! Here are some of the younger boys cleaning the water tanks… we had to clean them again when they were done :)

Many of you are asking how the election riots are affecting us here in Grand Goave…

Other than a few protests and burning tires on the streets we haven’t had too many problems but we’re affected because the road between us and Port-au-Prince has been blocked for several days so people aren’t able to travel… this especially affects the cost & availability of food as our markets depend on goods coming from Port-au-Prince. Saturday is our big market day and the pickings were slim and almost 3 times the price!

We are also being affected because the airport in Port-au-Prince has been closed since the middle of last week and we have teams here that were booked to leave. At the moment we have changed their flights and are hoping the airport will be reopened on Tuesday as announced by American Airlines.

I won’t pretend to know the true source of the problem but here is what I hear…

None of the presidential candidates received more than 50% of the votes so there will be a re-election between the top 2 candidates – Jude Celestin & Mirlande Manigat. The people are upset because they believe the current President (Preval) has tampered with the votes to allow Celestin to advance to the 2nd round in the place of another candidate, Michel Martelly (aka Sweet Mickey… backed by Wyclef). Martelly is a musician & is very popular. The rumor is that Celestin is dating Preval’s daughter and is willing to cover some of Preval’s deeds… a few nasty ones as the rumor goes.

Again, I really don’t know anything… this is just what I hear on the radio and from the people on the streets. If you’re interested in knowing more, here is a local newspaper that is written mostly in English: