H2H created the Scholarship Program in 2012 so that we could offer our graduates a better chance to further their education.  Students are eligible for the program if they have a track record of working hard in school, have co-operated with H2H’s leaders (ie; good behavior) and if H2H is able to raise the necessary funds for their chosen program.

The Scholarship Program is now in it’s 3rd year and we are very pleased with the success the students are having!  Here is a list of the students currently participating in the Program:

2012 / 2013
Nurse  –  Edna (aka Rosena) Laporte
Electrician  –  Sylvains Supreme
Administration  –  Garry Jean Louis
Teacher  –  Sadrac (aka Vilmond) Fanfan

2013 / 2014
Mechanic  –  Luckner (aka Ti-Moise) Laporte
Nurse  –  Helene Paul
Teacher  –  Jean Benet Jean Philip

This year we are excited to welcome 6 new scholarship students:

2014 / 2015
Nurse  –  Naomi Jean Louis
Window Installation  –  Junior Jean Louis
Nurse  –  Naomi Faustin
Nurse (will specialize in Anesthetics)  –  Henri Claude Honorat

Medical Lab Assistant  –  Linda Jean Louis
Administration  –  Ebenezer (aka Emmanuel) Faustin

Each of the students entering the Scholarship Program have a sponsor already and, due to the cost of post secondary education (average of $150/month), they have the option to increase their sponsorship or find friends/family to partner alongside them.  If that is not possible we try to find additional sponsors or top up their account with donations made to the Scholarship Program in general.

This year we are in great need of donors.  We need to rent (& furnish!) a house in Port-au-Prince as the majority of the students are going to school there.  It will cost $2000 US to rent the house for the year.  We also have some students that need additional sponsors – Naomi Jean Louis is one of those students.

Naomi came to live at H2H when she was very young, with her older brother Junior (who is also entering the scholarship program this year).  Her home town is Tetebef – a small mountain community close to Grande Goave.  Naomi’s parents have a farm in the mountains and they bring their produce down the mountain twice a week to sell in the local market.  Naomi would not have had an opportunity to go to school if she hadn’t come to live at H2H.  She is a very hard worker and is a key figure in the kitchen when we are hosting mission teams.  Naomi takes great pride is serving others and she will make an excellent Nurse!

If you would like more information about the Scholarship Program – or details about the students that still need sponsors please let me know – rebecca.honorat@gmail.com