We have had 3 long days in Port-au-Prince this week trying to get the paperwork to receive 2 containers that are waiting at the DR border… we made good progress today and have an appointment next week to pick up the final approval documents.

It still shocks me to see the state of PauP… there are multi-storey buildings hanging at 45 degree angles… people selling market items on top of rubble… bodies still trapped under collapsed buildings… people trying to repair buildings that should be condemned… tent cities that make Merritt Mountain Music Festival look like a 5 star hotel (some of you will know exactly what I mean!!).

Here are some very poor quality pictures that I took from the truck:

It’s going to be a very long process to clean up PauP… it’s hard for me to even comprehend how they’re going to do it. I really hope there is a plan to decentralize it when they reconstruct it. Nothing happens in Haiti that isn’t filtered through PauP and that creates a bottleneck that is almost impassable.

On a more positive note… tomorrow is the start of a new season for H2H… no, not rainy season – that started last month… the season of TEAMS!!! Our calendar is full for the next 3 months; medical, construction, distribution, ESL, teaching seminars, the list goes on & on. As our guest house complex was destroyed completely we have built a temporary guesthouse and it’s quite impressive… considering our current situation that is.

I know many of you are already praying for me on a daily basis (thank you!!) – please keep it up as I’ll need some extra energy going into these next few months… especially as I’m still recovering from malaria.