The construction continues…

The new roof is now in place and we hauled 4 truck loads of bricks to Notremene’s house this afternoon to build the missing 2 walls in her house.

The new roof:

Here we are hauling the bricks. The truck brought the bricks up the river & our heads brought them up the mountain…it was a long day & many of us will sleep with a head ache tonight – not that I deserve to complain…as you can see in the pictures below, I only have 1 block where everyone else has 2 or 3!

Pastor Luc carried his share too:

More exciting news – the principal of our school, Garry, became a father this week! Here he is with his wife and new son.

And now some not so good news – one of our older boys, Henri Claude, is very sick with malaria. I took him to the hospital yesterday & we returned to the hospital this morning to confirm that he has malaria. He started the medicine yesterday & will likely be feeling heaps better within a few days but he’s feeling very discouraged at the moment. Please pray for his strength. Malaria is very common here but I still find it difficult to see the kids so sick. This is also the first severe malaria case I’ve cared for since being sick myself & I’m feeling helpless now that I realize how he feels. Please pray for extra energy for me & a reminder that God is in control…even in the midst of the chaos.

Here’s a picture of Henri Claude, at a recent photo shoot :)