My morning started with a phone call from “DAD”. When my dad was last in Haiti he purchased a local cell phone and left it with me to share with visiting teams… the Marine have borrowed it and when they called this morning the call display gave me goosebumps.

25 of the US Marines stationed in Grand Goave spent the day with us today. They intended to bring down our collapsed buildings so we’d feel more secure during the aftershocks. They weren’t able to bring them down completely but they were able to bring down the most dangerous areas and more importantly they were able to recover some of the food buried in the food depot.

The troops arriving:

Deciding how to bring down the buildings… explosive were mentioned but quickly vetoed by the ranking officer:

The front of the building was cleared to make room for the hummer to pull on the supporting beams:

The dangerous edge of the building was taken down:

They tried to break into the food depot from the front but couldn’t:

…so they took down the back wall and made a hole in the floor. They crawled down and recover what they could:

They were also able to recover some of our school supplies in the Principal’s office:

Rescuing a bike that was MIA:

The kids couldn’t keep their eyes off this officer… any idea why? :)

That occupied most of our day. Despite the long work day for the Marines it was clear that they were enjoying the opportunity to “destruct” and their positive attitude rubbed off on the kids. It was nice to see the smiles back on the kids faces.

While they were packing up to leave I got a call from H2H Canada/Abbotsford Vineyard Church)
saying a helicopter from the DR was on it’s way to us with the relief food & supplies!!! It arrived shortly after at the Marine basecamp and another group of Marines arrived with supplies… non-perishable food, soap, shampoo, flash lights, blankets, medical supplies, etc.

Here’s Eliyou with some of the supplies. I can’t express how thankful we are to have so many people working so hard to help us. Thank you!!!!