Sorry no pictures today, just a quick update.

My first week has gone by very quickly but it’s been great. I started the new garden with the kids on Tuesday and we’re almost ready to start planting – they’ve made a LONG list of everything they’d like to plant. I don’t understand most of it but it’s just good to see them work hard & take ownership of the new garden. They’ve even made a scarecrow to keep the animals away… Not the most effective on the animals but the bald white head of an old doll works for me :) I start official Kreyol lessons next week and yesterday was my first day in Cooking Class… Yes… That’s right… I’m talking cooking lessons!! I don’t get the fancy hat but we all have matching white aprons… Which actually look more like lap coats.

Jay Michel’s wedding is tonight & I’m amazed at the work they put into it. They’ve been decorating & making food for days & people have come from all over Haiti for it. The ladies have been doing hair all day today… I’m actually a little nervous about getting dressed for it!! The kids have been asking what I’ll wear & how I’ll do my hair. I’m having grad nightmares all over again!!

That’s all I have time for today!