This past Saturday we had a baptism for 22 people. This is the first time I’ve seen a baptism at Luc’s church and it was a great experience.

The first truckload to leave the compound…there were a few trips made:

Worship on the beach before the baptisms started:

The sign by the beach… “We ask you not to “poop” by the ocean please”:

One of the baptisms (Pastor Luc is the one making the splash):

Pastor Luc & his associate pastor, Herold:

Kenzie (aka “K”) came to H2H a few weeks ago and is planning on staying until July 1st. This is her second trip to H2H… she came 2 years ago with a mission team from Vineyard Church. It has been great having her here. She loves the kids and spends all her free time with them. She’s started teaching English lessons last week in the H2H School and to the interested older kids & adults in the evenings… she is also giving Renel daily lessons :)

Kenzie’s first lesson… teaching the kids to sing “Jesus Loves You”:

Playing with the kids during recess:

Kenzie is writing a blog as well – check it out:

Pastor Luc has a church in Forche (a neighbouring town to Grand Goave) and Kenzie and I visited it this past Sunday. The church building was destroyed completely in the earthquake… their wasn’t much to begin with… and they have built this temporary structure:

It was packed:

Despite knowing they will make me “preach” every time I visit, I love going to church in Forche – the accordian player reminds me of my uncle Ewart…

…and who wouldn’t love this drummer boy: