We are now back from Bouva with the medical team, where we had our first ever clinic in Grande Savande & it turned out to be HUGE… a bit scary at times with the crowd control (which was my responsibility… opps!!!) but overall a great success!

Along with the medical team was an Artist who worked with the older boys to update our mural… it was sad to see the old one go but it was starting to peel so it was definitely time for a face lift.  The boys were nervous at first but they quickly took ownership of the project and made Carol (the artist) very proud!

The medical team has now gone and in it’s place is Darcy’s construction team from Alberta.  They are moving the two large tents (that served as our temporary Guesthouse & children’s Dining Hall after the earthquake).  They have already moved one of the tents to Foche and we leave tomorrow morning to take the other one to Bouva.  They have worked long hours in the sun (or worse, under the tents!) and are looking forward to having the wind in their hair during the drive tomorrow.

PS… Hasannah is completely hooked on Haitian fried chicken… spices and all!