The cost of food has really skyrocketed these past few months and the late (none existent!) rainy season has left the mountain communities really hurting.  We were hearing stories from friends & family in Bouva that things were so tough that people were fainting from hunger on an increasing basis.
Some of the H2H supporters heard about this need and provided us with some funds to take food to our friends & family in Bouva, Grande Savande & Mount Blan.  Pastor Luc did the food distribution a few weeks ago and below are some pictures.  
The people were so grateful to get the supplies – thank you to all of you who made this happen!!
This first load ready to be put into the truck:
(…who knew so many people lived in Bouva!!!!)

Grande Savande:

Mount Blan:

As part of this years Christmas festivities H2H would like to send additional trucks to these areas – if enough funds are raised.  If you would like to contribute, & didn’t get an email recently from H2H about how to donate to the Christmas Fundraiser, let me know and I will send you the information.