Since returning to Haiti there have been several aftershocks… the first one was at 3am the first week I was here & was strong enough to move my bed several inches. It was a nasty welcome home… especially since my house already felt empty without Renel. Yesterday we were hit with a 4.4 aftershock – I was standing beside the new kitchen/dining room/depot and watched the pillars shake. There was no substantial damage but some students at a local high school were hurt in a mini stampeed. It’s exactly 10 months since the earthquake started.

This morning I woke to news of bodies being discovered in “port-a-potties” in Port-au-Prince… last nights victims of the spreading cholera.

On a much more positive note, our H2H school was able to send each of our students home with a sack of rice, beans & oil this week. Students lined up to get their sack & were excited to pass it over to their expecting parents.