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About Us:
Heart to Heart (H2H) is comprised of a children’s home, school, and church in Grande Goave, Haiti. 

H2H Children’s Home: We currently have over 100 children living in the children’s home.  These children have lost one or both parents, or have no parent or other adult who is able to provide for them.  The ages of children at H2H range from 2-20 years old.

School: There are about 550 students currently attending the H2H school.  We have Kindergarten through Grade 10.  Our school is highly respected in the community and we are currently offering a five year professional teacher training program. 

Church:  The Heart to Heart church in Grande Goave ministers to a growing church body.  Pastor Luc is also the pastor to 4 other growing congregations in other communities throughout Haiti.  The Grande Goave church is actively involved in evangelism, as well as teaching and equipping church ministries for ministry.

The H2H board in Canada is a non-denominational Christ centered organization.  It is committed to supporting the ministries of Heart to Heart in Haiti.  H2H is also actively involved in providing and hosting short-term ministry opportunities to Haiti for high school, university and church groups.  Many of the directors of H2H are regularly involved in fieldwork in Haiti such as evangelism crusades, community development, teaching and building the leadership capacity of the Haitian Heart to Heart board of directors.

Our Mission Statement:
The mission of Heart to Heart is to provide education, nutritious meals and access to health services for children living in poverty in Haiti. This will be accomplished by developing the capacity of H2H Christian leaders to meet the needs of their own people.

Heart to Heart ~ Help Us Rebuild

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or send a cheque to 35138 Page Road, Abbotsford, BC, V3G 1N8

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